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Working with local and national NGOs, we provide data, policy, and strategy analysis to support projects focused on climate adaptation and mitigation actions, trans-border water efforts, and socio-economic research. Our work on water management strategies ranges from local watersheds and priority river stretches to basin-wide and bi-national rivers in the Colorado River Basin and beyond.



We create dynamic and relatable communication materials such as infographics, static data visualizations, and interactive data exploration platforms to illustrate multi-faceted and complicated problems at the intersection of water, climate, and society. Working in partnership with clients, scientists, and managers, we design and execute data analysis on water supplies, climate modeling, economic indicators, hydropower, and demographics to fuel action-oriented solutions.

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As a core thread through all our work, we strive to foster new connections among our various working communities by investing in diverse collaborations. We believe innovation grows from deep relationships built on trust and mutual understanding and we work across sectors to create spaces for authentic dialogue about scenario planning, strategy development, and collaboration around emerging ideas.